Sunday, June 26, 2016

Living on the Fringe

Although we are usually living on the fringe while traveling, it seems more pronounced here.  For the past five days, we've been staying in the national forest just four miles from high class Sun Valley, Idaho.  Here's our view back down Trail Creek Road with the ski slopes on Bald Mountain in the distance.

Ron calls the area 'yuppity', but, to be honest, all the locals we've talked to have been extremely friendly. He's been fishing and gold panning, but so far we still haven't eaten any fresh fish or gotten rich.  He thinks the water is just running too fast.  We're moving to a lake tomorrow.

He did take some time out for a couple of hikes.  We did part of the Trail Creek Trail which is close to where we're parked.

And another day we went to the very popular Adams Gulch where we hiked a loop.  The first half was along open meadow with wide-open views.

Then we looped back through the woods - nice as it was getting warm.

There were lots of pretty columbine blooming along the trail.

And wild lupine, both the common purple and some white ones too.

Lupine must really do well in this climate.  The domestic version was gigantic in the neighborhood yards.

I guess Ron isn't the only one who thinks the area is 'yuppity'.  I laughed and laughed at what somebody added to the pedestrian crosswalk sign.


  1. I love that crosswalk sign. I remember cracking up when we found the one with a hula hoop on it.
    We may be heading to that part of Idaho in August. Looks like nice scenery!

  2. Lupins are fantastic. Here wild lupins revert to their natural blue'ish colour

  3. No fish yet? So its a Latte and a Bag full of money, where is the cell phone
    Gorgeous scenery!

  4. Is that sign is a reminder of your wild and misspent youth? ;c)

    I'll have to remember the "Water is moving too fast" excuse the next time I have a lousy fishing day...