Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Surprisingly there are several interesting things to do and see around the modest town of Manistique, MI. We had been moving so quickly that now we are ahead of schedule and able to relax a bit. Yesterday we left the friendly Moose lodge and moved just about across the street to an RV park right on Indian Lake. (Hum, do you suppose they know that name is not 'PC'?) I know, you're saying 'RV Park!!!' But we have a waterfront lot for $13 a night! Can't beat that!

The other evening, we stopped at Palms Book State Park, just a few miles from here. This is the site of Big Spring, a pool two hundred feet across and forty feet deep. With over 10,000 gallons a minute flowing from cracks along the bottom, it is Michigan's largest spring.

They have a very clever way for visitors to experience the spring - a self-operated observation raft. You can see the cable that guides it across the pool.

And here is Ron providing the manpower. The big wheel turns a hard rubber wheel that moves the raft along the cable.

Through the center section, we could see the fish and clouds of sand kept in motion by the gushing water. Because it was evening, there wasn't enough light for pictures - you'll just have to go see it yourself.

Manistique has a lovely two mile boardwalk along Lake Michigan which we utilized to see the lighthouse. You can actually walk out to it, but this was my favorite of the 100 or so pictures I took.

Trust me to find a train everywhere I go.

The lady in the visitor center recommended that we visit the Seul Choix Point lighthouse and museum, so off we went. Seul Choix (pronounced sis-shwa) translates to 'only choice.'

For $2 each, we climbed to the top and toured the light keeper's house. Since there were two light keepers, the house was divided and an addition added. The most unique feature was the copper trim around the doors.

The light is still operating, although the fresnel lens has been replaced by an airport beacon and automated.

Although it's a terrible picture, I loved the colors of Lake Michigan from the top.

No, this isn't another lighthouse, but the old water tower in Manistique. I've never seen one like it.

And here is our current home right on Indian Lake. Ron's getting ready to go catch dinner.

Ah, the end of another fine day. . .


  1. What a beautiful spot to stay for a while.

  2. I stayed at Manistique in 1998 at the Driftwood Shores rv park. It was right on Lake MI. Donna

  3. In shirt sleeves... Looks like you hit the summer weather in the UP. Of course, you are on the south side!

  4. Looks like so much fun!! And so beautiful.

  5. Wow, that does look like a gorgeous spot and great town. Love the red lighthouse picture the best.

  6. Would love to know what the name of the campground is where you were right on the water. We are from Michigan (Grand Rapids) and are always looking for beautiful water front locations. Love you journal and all your pictures!! Diane H.

  7. Diane, it's called Sandy Shores and its a stone's throw west of the intersection of 442 and 149. It's $13 for electric, has one water faucet (with really good artesian well water) and no dump. She doesn't really advertise and the number is unlisted, but I think there's usually an available spot. I highly recommend it.

    Thanks for your nice comment.