Saturday, June 28, 2008

What is that sound?

It's the sound of thousands of wings beating in harmony. Sounds poetic, right? Not when they're mosquitoes. Yesterday we moved from Indian Lake to Brevoort Lake about 20 miles from St. Ignace, MI. We're still on a lake and only about two miles from Lake Michigan so I thought we'd be okay. I was wrong. Yesterday I waited with the car saving the spot we wanted while Ron went to get the RV. I had a choice of braving the mosquitoes or roasting in the car. I chose to cook. (Actually, I wouldn't have been so hot if I hadn't been running from them.) Hiking is out as is walking around the campground. Our entertainment is watching them beat their heads against the screen trying to get in.

I make no secret of the fact that I don't get up early. This morning I was wide awake at 5:30 just in time for sunrise. It might have been nice to see it rise over the lake.

Instead, this was the view out the front window. You might have to blow it up for the full effect. It's kind of impressionistic, don't you think? (Well, I couldn't go out to take it - mosquitoes, remember?)

Note - We have our own put in spot just kayak size. Cool, huh?

Since I was up and it was raining, we drove into St. Ignace for breakfast, then explored a bit. By then it had stopped raining, but I thought the overcast sky was the right mood for this shot. The statue is an ironworker and was erected in memory of the five men who died while building the Mackinac Bridge (in the background.)

Good news! Ron stopped at three different stores before he found what he knew I needed - this stylish headgear. Don't I look happy now?

By the time we returned from town, the sky had pretty well cleared and Ron could go out fishing.

And guess what? He has the same fashionable hat! We're going to start a fad. (Although so far we're just attracting strange looks.)


  1. Really liked the statue shot. Very meaningful.

    There is nothing wrong with your fancy headgear! Sure beats welts all over your exposed skin.


  2. I had a fashionable hat like that when I traveled to Alaska. It came in handy there too. In fact, I had a trailer full here in Great Falls this evening. I think I murdered them all.

  3. One of the many great things about living in San Diego... no mosquitoes. :)

  4. Hey, I have headgear exactly like that! I have some great pictures of me in it too. Will get them on the blog sometime....

  5. See? That picture is why I miss you. NOBODY has your sense of humor, or looks so good in that hat. Well, maybe Ron. Keep up the good fight!!!!

  6. I have a hat like that from the Everglades but never had to use it..this makes me want to rethink the UP.
    Is that a new rod holder? Nice.