Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cool Trains

The other day, Ron and I visited with friends John and Carol who are staying at a nearby RV park for the winter.  They are always a lot of fun and we enjoyed shopping and having lunch with them.  The park has a weekly Country Store which brings in vendors and lots of shoppers.  Ron got a really nice belt and the guy sized it for him right there.  I was the big spender and replaced my worn and fraying bicycle seat with a brand new one.  I've tried many seats that were supposed to be comfortable, but I can testify that the Cloud 9 seat really is.

Their park also has a train layout that I wanted to see.  It is truly amazing with large cars (about 12" long) like the ones my father set up when we were little.  I thought the cars were even bigger than these, but I guess that's because I was so little.

The park residents handcraft all the buildings which are works of art.

I especially liked the roundhouse.

And the steam engine.  When I took this picture, I didn't notice the tree that fell on the building in the background.  How clever.

There was even a Santa train.  Isn't that the Travelocity gnome standing on top of the caboose?

As John pointed out, everything doesn't always run smoothly.  It looks like there was a derailment on the other side of the trestle bridge.

But the most fun was just visiting and reliving their trip to Alaska last summer.  Although Carol did a great job documenting it in their blog, nothing beats hearing about it in person.  Ron has already done the Alaska trip, but I never have.  We're talking about it for 2014, but haven't decided on the method since we don't want to drive all that way.  We'll see.  I envision some version of plane, train, and automobile, with maybe a boat thrown in.


  1. What a clever train layout, the detail is amazing. Nice touches of reality like the derailed train in the water.

    Maybe you want to rethink taking a train to Alaska...

  2. The only way to SEE Alaska is by MH. I did it in 2005 and we are going this next summer. All the stuff in between is missed if you don't do it this way.

  3. COOL minatures! I wish bicycles had seats like lawn that would be comfy!
    We flew to Alaska and rented a zippy little car, we did a lot of camping, and bed and breakfast stays and a boat trip for wildlife viewing, and a drive up to the artic circle... it was awesome.

  4. Do you know what gauge the trains are?

  5. Love model train set ups ... there are so many tiny details that are cleverly hidden here and there; it's like finding surprise gifts under the tree.

    Our first trip to Alaska was a cruisetour in 2001 ... we spent several days on our own around Anchorage and then joined our Princess group to travel by train-bus-airplane north to Denali, up the Dalton Hwy, and to Prudhoe Bay at the edge of the Arctic Ocean before flying back to Anchorage for a southbound cruise.

    Our second trip was in 2010, and we split it between a small-boat based bear watching trip from Kodiak to the Katmai Peninsula, and a land piece in and around Anchorage.

    What both these trips had in common ... yes, the bears were fantastic ... yes, the cruise was wonderful ... but Alaska is best appreciated when you can take your time on land. We plan to go back for the third time ... this time with our MH so that we can really take the time to enjoy what the state has to offer.