Thursday, December 20, 2012

End of an Era

For a couple of years, we have been talking about buying a new towed vehicle for the RV. Our problem was that we couldn't decide what kind of vehicle to buy.  Do we buy a 4-wheel drive or one that is more economical?  Our little Saturn that has been towed behind Ron's rig for over seven years was having some problems, but giving up that 38mpg was difficult.  I kept insisting (and I guess I talked Ron into believing it) that we don't really need a 4WD, just something that has a higher clearance than the Saturn.  We decided on a front-wheel drive Ford Escape, researched it on and, and bought the first one we looked at.

But it was the end of an era for me, because we traded in my beloved truck.  In 2001, I quit work, sold my house, bought the truck and the perfect fifth-wheel, and began the adventure of a lifetime.
(Yes, that is a window box.)

Although I sold the fifth-wheel in 2006, I still had my truck.  It came in very handy while furnishing the house we bought in 2009 and I told everyone that I had the truck as a backup if Ron should throw me out.  It made me sad to see it go.

But just look what I got in return!
(And the car is pretty cool too.)


  1. Congratulations ... they're both keepers ;-)

  2. You should get better mileage in the motorhome now because the Escape has enough power to help push it... ;c)

    Just think now of all the new trouble, er, adventures you'll have because the Escape can get you into places the Saturn couldn't!

  3. I felt sad when we sold my Buick regal when we went on the road full time. I understand.

  4. WOW Its a beauty! I liked your truck too...I really need a truck myself and may make a change.

  5. Love the post, and that photo of you and your beloved...

  6. Awwww, sorry to see your truck go to a new owner. Oh well, the Escape can get you to those places where Geocaches are hidden. Hee Hee!

    Seriously, your new Ford is very nice looking. Oh yes, Ron is good looking too.

  7. Ron thinks you're a "keeper" and that's what counts!!!!

  8. Sometimes change can be scary but sometimes it can be a lot of fun. Congrats!

    Merry Christmas! ~M