Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ron's Latest Project

Once again, Ron has invested a lot of time and effort into a project that only he would think up.  If I heard it once, I heard it a hundred times - he hated the bathroom sink in the RV.  "It's too small," was his oft repeated complaint.  So here's what the clever guy did.

First a picture of the 'before' sink.  You can probably agree that it was a bit small.
To be accurate, this is not exactly 'before'.  He had already moved those switches and the drawer was out.  And, okay, he put the sink back in for the picture.

He really liked the sink in Diana's rig and we bought one just like it at an RV store in Salt Lake City.  The problem is that a larger sink will not fit into that counter.  Here's Diana's sink and you can see how cleverly they built the cabinet to fit it.  You might have to put on your 3-D glasses, but there's a piece of wood that curves out of the cabinet to cover the bowl of the sink.

First Ron made a new counter top out of pressed board and took it to a counter man to cover with Formica.

But the big problem was how to bend a piece of plywood.  He tried cutting notches and soaking it to form it into the correct shape.

But no matter how carefully he worked, it developed cracks.

After attempting this method a couple of times, he got very creative and cut pieces of wood which he then glued together, like this.  (This is the inside.)

Which he sanded on the outside to a nice smooth surface.

Then he stained it and put it all together to create a thing of beauty.


  1. I knew it! I knew it! I knew Ron couldn't sit still and had to find something to keep himself out of trouble! ;c)

    PS: Nice Job!

  2. Diana's grain was verticle & Ron's grain was horizontal. Maybe that's why it was cracking. Just a thought.

  3. A true craftsman. It looks very professional. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Very creative; and the end result looks lovely. We have a similar sink so this is one project that Mui won't be tackling ;-)

  5. Such a beautiful outcome, Ron! You are a genius. Emily, Jody, Mary Lou, Jim and I are at Silver Strand for 10 days. Exploring the area and doing touristy things. Emily might move here. Merry Christmas and hugs to you both! luv

  6. Mine's not real wood, but still I can't figure out how they bent it. Yours is really nice. How did you make the cabinet door smaller?

  7. Beautiful! You are truly a craftsman.

  8. thats awesome!!! I need a Ron in my Life!