Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Flora and Fauna

Okay, this is just an excuse to post some pretty flower pictures.
Looks like a hibiscus that I have in my garden, but this variety grows into a tree.  Hibiscus brackenridgei or Ma'o hau hele in Hawaiian is the state flower but is currently endangered in the wild.

These cute little birds were all around the condo (identified by Diana as a saffron finch.)

During our touring we spotted this black-necked stilt (I think.).

Bougainvillea abounds in every color.

And I found this water lily in a shopping center where we stopped for lunch.

And even the oleander is extra fancy, having double flowers instead of the single ones around Mesa.

We were hoping this was the ne ne or Hawaiian goose, but after looking it up, we realized it was just a plain old goose.

Another one I can't identify, but pretty.

Plumeria smells wonderful and is a popular lei flower.

And my caption here would be - "Under the spreading Kukui tree."
I think I have just one more post on Hawaii - so sad.


  1. But was that a Mother Goose or a Father Goose?

    We'll be sad that there are no more Hawaii posts, they've been fun. Travel agents should be thanking you... ;c)

  2. Such gorgeous pictures. So glad you shared them with us.

  3. Beautiful blooms. I think the flower you were unable to identify is the Crinum Lily - also known as Spider Lily ... we saw something identical (or so I recollect) in Costa Rica.

  4. Flowers and birds - it doesn't get much better!