Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Around the House

I know it's been a long time since I blogged.  We haven't been doing anything too exciting.  We decided this was the winter to paint the outside of the house.  It looked fine, but I guess the time to paint is before it really needs it.  I blame it on our neighbor who shamed me into it.

Here's our little house all spruced up.

Here's the only 'before' picture I could find.  As you can see, not much changed.  (And before you ask, the tree is still there - it's just a different angle.)

Ron also took all the slats off the gates and we painted them.

They looked much better when we finished.

We even managed to add a decorative touch to the plants.

Ron has kept himself busy with multiple projects, but I know our RVing friends will get a kick out of this one. Years ago, he decided the bathroom fan/vent needed improvement.  The, to my mind, perfectly good process was:  reach up, crank open the vent, and flip on the switch to turn on the fan.  At that time, he moved the switch down to next to the sink.  But you still had to reach up to open the vent.  Recently he decided to change that.

He ran even more wires . . .

Added a small motor to the manual cranking mechanism.

And installed a rocker switch next to the previously moved fan switch.

Now we hold the rocker switch to open the vent cover, then turn on the fan, all without having to reach overhead.

I can hear all of you saying just what I said, "But, Ron, you can buy a fan/vent with a remote at any RV supply store."  I know this and he knows this, but it keeps him off the streets.


  1. That is too funny. Men just love to be puttering with stuff. I've been ignoring most of what Jim is doing over in the Bungalow but he's having a good time and like you said, keeps them off the streets.

  2. Do you worry when you leave him all alone that he'll come up with another amazing project? He's sort of a Jimmy Neutron, just slightly older... :c)

  3. The house looks great. And so do the plants! How about coming and washing our RV, since you have so much energy?

  4. Any project keeps the guys off the streets is a good one ;-)

  5. Painting is no fun till its all done and things look so much better!! Your place is looking great!!
    Ron is the true to form MacGyver!!