Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One More

For our last Sedona hike, Diana, Phil, Ron, and I decided it would be interesting to take the Soldier Pass Trail to the 'pools.'  None of us had done this one previously and the trail was actually prettier than we expected because it travels along one side of the canyon, instead of the bottom.

Not far from the trailhead and at the base of this rock formation, we came upon something we didn't expect

Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole

The rim measures 150 feet (north-south) by 92 feet (east-west) and the top of the rubble is 40-60 feet below the rim.  In 1989, the northern end fell, including this giant block.
I sure hope nobody was standing on it at the time.

Backing away, we continued on and found the pools.

One of them was occupied by this black-necked garter snake.  (I looked it up.)

Since this was our turn-around point, I snapped another picture (or three or ten.)  The formation to the far left is the back of Coffee Pot Rock.

We also did a little of the connecting Jordan Trail, where Ron found a teddy bear.

With a little effort, we could all see him - facing left, with his little nose, shadowed eye, and paw out.


  1. Garter snakes are okay - the only problem would be not knowing it was a garter snake. Once you described the teddy bear I could actually see him. That doesn't happen very often.

  2. I love the figures you find in the rock formations, your imagination is so much fun!

    Didn't know garter snakes could swim. After sharks and gators, one more reason to stay out of the water... :cO

  3. I liked the pools ... until I scrolled down and saw the photo of the snake!

  4. Thankfully not a venemous snake. Often found near water though. [I had to Google it] Again stunning rock formations.

  5. That snake was having a good swim can he get out of the pool? I def see the Teddy Bear! YOU must make a coffee-table book of your rock formation finds!

  6. I see the face but having a hard time making it into a teddy bear. Guess you had to be there!

  7. I really do see the teddy bear. Usually, I can't do that.

  8. Looked like the teddy bear was leaning on a jar of honey.