Monday, June 17, 2013

Scenic Drive

We’ve been making the 11-mile trip into Estes Park every two or three days to make phone calls and use the internet.  Actually we’ve found that our Verizon phones and internet card work beginning at Lily Lake which is only 5 miles away, but there aren’t any mocha frappes there.

One day, after completing our technological tasks, we took a scenic loop drive from Estes Park.  We headed north from town on Devils Gulch Road (CR 43) past Lumpy Ridge.
(That's a side road in the picture.  Devils Gulch Road is paved.)

Next the road drops dramatically into Devils Gulch and the picturesque little village of Glen Haven.  The General Store there is famous for their cinnamon rolls and we were happy to get one.  Although it took some will power, we took it to go, after all, we had just eaten lunch.

The road follows a very scenic route along the North Fork of the Big Thompson River.

At Drake, we turned onto US 34 which follows the Big Thompson River back to Estes Park.  Although the scenery was lovely, what made us screech to a stop was this.

We pulled off in a turnout and walked back on the opposite side of the road.  These female Bighorn Sheep mostly ignored us.  Thank heaven for zoom lenses.

Back home, we took our daily walk around the campground admiring the wild flowers.  This one looks like a wild snapdragon - I think it's Golden Banner.

And the Irises are in full bloom.

And finally Ron was ready to attack his cinnamon roll. 


  1. Wow i would love to have a roadtrip in this place.

  2. Lovely drive. So Ron gets to dig into a cinnamon bun at home ... was that his reward for driving the loop road so you could enjoy the scenery?

  3. So a mocha frappe trumps the need for an internet connection? Or does a cinnamon bun come into play? :cD

  4. The yellow wildflower is golden banner.

  5. HOLY cow that cinammon roll is as big as a birthday, bet it was delish.
    Gorgeous country round there..Heard there was a Funnel Cloud out of Denver today so KEEP an eye on the sky.