Friday, June 21, 2013

What a Thrill!

After 8 days at our campground, we needed to dump and take on water.  (Is this TMI?)  Anyway, we drove, correction, I drove the RV 8 miles (it seemed like 50) to Mary’s Lake RV park where we took care of business for a reasonable fee of $7.  Now I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but you have to understand that I DON’T drive this bus-like thing.  When I had my truck and 24-foot 5th wheel, I was quite comfortable driving all over the country.  However, Ron’s 30-foot Class A is a whole different thing.  I just let him drive while I ride along like the princess I am.

But back to my story.  After dumping, we (alright, Ron) parked in the visitor center lot for a few hours and that’s where the ‘Thrill’ came in.  Right between the parking lot and golf course were a bunch of cow elk and although previously I was not impressed with the town elk, these had very special bonuses.

I asked the volunteers (who are there to keep idiot tourists from harassing the elk) about the calves and was told the oldest was 1 ½ weeks and the youngest was 3 days.

When the babies decided to move, I think we could guess which one was the youngest.

See him still lying there at the edge of the picture?

Here he seems to ask, “Hey, where did everybody go?”

“Why is everybody looking at me?
“Ah, that’s better.”

Once again, these pictures are zoomed and cropped.  I would never get as close as they appear.  Although these elk seemed not to care about all the people watching, you never know what a wild animal will do, especially with babies.   One volunteer told me that per Colorado law, if one of these elk should hurt a human, it would be put down AND if it has a calf, it would also be killed!  Tragic!


  1. That is quite a driving the RV. You must be a special princess, emptying the tanks, too! :cD

    Oh yes, the other thrill. Yes, those baby elks are incredible, how cool you were there to see the new arrivals. Some days you get extra lucky. ;c)

  2. I'm with you - I'd rather be a Princess and let someone else do the driving!

    Beautiful photos of the baby elks!

  3. Personally I think it should be the other way around, the tourist who provoked the attack should be killed along with their first born and maybe then we could irridicate those bad genes..HA!!
    Serioiusly awesome critters!

  4. We saw lots of elk calves on our 2 trips through Canada to Alaska, but never so many at one time. What a thrill.
    Proud of you for driving the motor home. I don't drive our rig often, but I do know how (except to back up). We never know when we might have to--like when John cracked a rib.

  5. It's not how far you drove ... but that you drove the bus ;-)

    The elk with the calves is indeed a treat ... I love wildlife, but the babies always have a special place in my heart.

  6. Beautiful shots of those calves.
    And GREAT that you drove the rig!!