Friday, June 28, 2013

Wyoming Wild

After a quick stop in Cheyenne, we continued north and saw our first cowboy high on a bluff.
Does he seem a little two-dimensional to you?

In Douglas, WY, we stopped for two days and parked in their Riverside Park - no hookups, but there is a dump with water and it's free!  (N 42.76308, W 105.39261)  And, as every RVer knows, even a small town has interesting things to see and experience.

Douglas proudly claims to be the 'Home of the Jackalope' and I posed next to the statue of the famous mascot in front of the Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Center/Railroad Museum.

The Railroad Museum consists of some beautiful rail cars and this steam engine.

If there are any rail enthusiasts reading this (like my father), I took a picture of the sign.

There are a caboose and a day coach that was built in 1884.

I was pretty excited when I found out we could go inside the coach.  Just look how cool.

Ron pointed out that one did not use the toilet when in the station.

They also have a baggage car (on the left) and a sleeper car.
The sleeper compartments were pretty interesting, but impossible to photograph.

But my favorite car was this dining car from 1947.

Just look how beautiful it is.

Near Douglas is Ayres Natural Bridge with a very impressive 90 foot span and carved by the LaPrele Creek,

The bridge is the highlight of a small, but very nice, county park and surrounded by colorful sandstone cliffs.  But if you decide to visit, be aware there are NO pets allowed.

There's a short, but steep trail up to the top of the bridge - easy to climb up, but it took me about 1/2 hour to get back down.

And later, we found that we weren't the only ones who needed to run into town for a few groceries.


  1. I like the idea of shopping by horse. I'm surprised that Safeway's haven't got a place to tie the horse up to. They have for bicycles over here, but then bikes don't leave mess....well not often!!

  2. We have never stopped in Douglas on our way through WY. Must plan the trip that way next time. I would love to see those beautiful old trains. They really knew how to pamper folks back then.

  3. You always have something in each episode.....that makes me smile!

  4. Those are some nifty trains, I bet your dad loved the pictures.

    Quite a lot to see, even a Jackalope! That's one rare animal. ;c)

  5. Those vintage train cars are so beautiful!! THose were the dayz...
    Love the shoppping by horseback..and what an awesome natural bridge!

  6. Many of the trains in Turkey still have those signs about not using the facilities when in the station.

  7. ... that's actually, when the train is stopped at the station ;-)

  8. Great train cars, I'll be posting soon about the East Troy Electric Railroad I visited the other day. I find that my theme often reflects those of someone else's blog often even across the country! We loved Wyoming, enjoy it a little for me while you're there, too.