Saturday, June 8, 2013


We had good intentions of heading further north last Monday, but it wasn't to be.  Ron woke up with a very bad toothache.  It had been bothering him for awhile, but you know how you ignore such things.  He called his daughter to recommend a dentist.  The dentist said, "Yep, looks bad." and sent him to an entodontist.  And, you guessed it, he needed a root canal.  Luckily, all this was accomplished in a couple of days, but he has to come back on the 25th!  This really cut into our plans, but that's how things go sometimes.  

We moved to the parking lot of the Moose lodge in Longmont, CO, for a change of scene, did laundry, stocked up on food, and we're ready to leave for the mountains tomorrow.  We're planning to stay in a national forest campground along CO72 - the Peak to Peak Highway.  At 8600 feet, we didn't want to go until the weather was warm enough, but I think tomorrow's the day.  We'll spend some time up in the cool before he has to go back to Denver for his appointment.  However it could all change.

We will be just outside the eastern side of Rocky Mountain National Park and plan to do some hiking.  We're pretty excited.  However, I'll probably get behind on the blog again because I bet we won't have phone or internet.  We'll see.

And since I can't possibly do a post with no pictures, I'll have to pull something out of the archives.
We missed the cherry blossoms
Kousa Dogwood


  1. Sorry to hear about Ron and your plans.

    The Longmont Moose is the friendliest Moose Lodge I've ever encountered.

    Safe travels...

  2. Bummer on the root canal, but you can certainly be stuck in worse places.

    Check out the Benson Sculpture garden in Loveland, if you get a chance and if you like sculptures. Nice place to walk around for an hour or two.

  3. I had tooth problems myself this past BITES in more ways than ONE! ENJOY COLORADO!!

  4. A toothache is one of the worst pains there is. Definitely need to get it taken care of. We are north of you now - Cheyenne. Have a great time hiking and you should have cooler weather up that high.

  5. Too bad about the toothache and the root canal, but better it happen while you can get to a dentist than when you can't. Otherwise you'd have to get the pliers out ;-)

    Our evolving plans for next summer may take us to Colorado, so I will be anxious to hear about your hikes and activities ... be they while you're doing them, or after the fact.

  6. Ouch! Thank goodness Ron was able to get an appointment right away.

    Too bad about having to wait for another checkup on the 25th, but there are worse places to be stuck, and Colorado certainly isn't one of them! :c)

  7. Can't wait to see what you get up to in your new location. Had a cleaning myself last week and they discovered 2 cavities that needed filling, my first since I was 13 years old! My son did not inherit my tough enamel and needs 4 filled on top of his many others. Hope Ron's feeling better.