Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wrapping Up

Being unable to resist the name, we had to take a hike from the Lumpy Ridge trail head.  Immediately, we spotted old Mr. Lumpy himself hanging out with a couple of friends.

Unlike Mr. Lumpy, the Twin Owls are an actual named feature.  They are popular with rock climbers who can follow one of several routes, one of which is called The Bowels of the Owls.  Another great name! 

The trail we followed was the Black Canyon trail.  We didn’t go far enough to enter a canyon, but the part we hiked had great views of Lumpy Ridge on one side . . .

And across the valley on the other.

As always, I have to post some flower pictures.  This one I have no idea of the name – anybody?

I think this is a shooting star. 

Remember the Chapel on the Rock?

I paid a return trip to see the inside on a Saturday when I saw the door open.  The interior is just as charming.

And has this lovely stained glass window from Germany. 

If you would like more information about the chapel, I took a picture of the sign.

Last Monday, we came back down to the Denver area for Ron’s follow-up appointment with the dentist.  Everything went well and today we headed north to Wyoming.  Just before the Wyoming border, we saw our first buffalo of the year.
Hmmm, he seems a little flat.

We’re heading quickly (for us) to Gillette, WY, for the big Escapade at the end of the month.  As, most of you know, Escapees is a large RV club and the Escapade is their national rally.  We have never been to one and are looking forward to it


  1. I love the flower pictures but it's a good thing I can appreciate them without knowing what they are. Have fun at Escapade. We have really enjoyed our times we've been there. When are you headed into Montana? We're having beautiful weather up here right now.

  2. Who comes up with these names? What an imagination! ;c)

  3. Looking forward to seeing you pictures from Montana. Will you be visiting Miles City I wonder, as I share its name.

  4. love the way those rocks look like different things!

  5. See you at the Rally. What day to you get there. We arrive on the 30th. Parked at Sundance right now at a wonderful NFGC with a view to die for. This morning a deer walked thru our yard and the other day turkey's.
    Come on over...plenty of room.

  6. That buffalo needs to fatten up a bit.

  7. Cool Rocks!! Love the flowers too those shooting stars are gorgeous!!
    Have fun at the Rally! I think Montana is the place to be for the month of July!!