Sunday, July 13, 2008

More St. Ignace Fun

Our St. Ignace gathering is gone, but not forgotten. I thought I'd post a few more pictures from our good times there.

Like this one of Ron and me at 4 o'clock circle. The mosquitoes are (hopefully) also gone but not forgotten. Credit goes to Diana for taking this picture of us.

And thank heaven for friends. I asked around if anybody had gotten a picture of me on the zip line and Judy provided this one!

I look a bit like Humpty Dumpty with the helmet and jacket flying out. But I love it because it's proof that I did it.

Since the duck hat is just for when somebody dumps their kayak during the spring Arkansas and Missouri tour, we now have a new hat to be awarded during our Gitchee Gumee tour around Lake Superior. Bill was the first recipient.

Then it quickly moved on to Phil.

Hey, what did the moose do to deserve it?

Last Friday, the group went kayaking the Carp River canoe trail. There were a lot of downed trees and submerged logs which required maneuverability. Since Bill has a long kayak, oops, he earned the hat again.

Since I didn't go (what a whimp!), this is another of Max's fine pictures.

We went into the Moose for their Friday fish fry. They even baked it for us. You know we're old and can't be eating all that fried food. I apologize to the two people I cut out of this picture, but I had obviously caught them by surprise. I take pride in only posting pictures of my friends looking their best.

After dinner Mark and Bill discussed their pool strategy. I believe they did manage to win against the girls. Could that be a sign of their misspent youth?

And then there was dancing at the casino. Ron, Judy, Jim, and Diana are in the foreground and various other WINs are hidden in the background.

Alright, one more flower - Diana and I saw this one while walking around Mackinac Island. I thought it was the prettiest dahlia I had ever seen.


  1. What a beautiful flower shot!!

    And lots of beautiful WINS too!!

  2. Thanks for a great gathering - you're right, it deserved more pictures.

  3. Thanks for keeping me up on your trip. I'm enjoying everything but the bugs.