Friday, July 4, 2008

St. Ignace, MI

Ron and I have been busy gathering information on activities in and around St. Ignace. From July 7 to 12, we are hosting a WIN gathering here. Months ago we volunteered (OK, maybe it was just me) and I contacted the local Moose lodge to ask if we could park there. When Ron and I showed up, we were warmly welcomed. They're wonderful people, these Yoopers! (That's derived from U.P.-ers denoting residents of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.) I think we're all ready for our gathering. St. Ignace has some obvious local attractions - boat trip to Mackinac Island, admire the bridge, walk around town and eat. Then we have some standard WIN activities including kayaking with the mosquitoes. BUT we found something special that I am really excited to do and hope everybody else will be too. I'm keeping it as a surprise so I can't even mention it here, but, trust me, it'll be worth the wait.

Yesterday we drove across the famous Mackinac Bridge that connects the upper and lower parts of Michigan. Completed in 1957, the bridge is five miles long with a span of 3800 feet between the two towers. It really is a lovely structure and I couldn't resist another picture - this one with blue sky and from the other side.

Since we were already over the bridge, we kept going to Cheboygan where we found this cute lighthouse. I know you're getting tired of lighthouses, but I love them. This is the Cheboygan Crib Light at the entrance to the Cheboygan River.


  1. Your gathering will be great. What if the Moose was still under 9 feet of that is stress! Wish we were there. Can't wait to see your photos and surprise. Relax and enjoy.

  2. I thougth Yoppers was Michigan for SHoppers. Dopey me!!

    I'm expecting more great pictures. I've always wanted to visit that area, but may never make it. Have fun! Good luck with the gathering. WY's isn't going well. :-o

  3. As you travel, I am reliving my past exploring of the area. Looking forward to hearing about fudge. :-)

  4. Can't wait for the surprise!

  5. OOOOPS! I confused Yoppers and Yoopers. I think it's clear now.