Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wawa, ON

We are now in Wawa, Ontario staying at a free spot overlooking the Magpie River as it spills over the dam. Carol really outdid herself finding this spot for us. We're all lined up to take advantage of the view with Marvin and Mark responsible for organizing the parking. Only another WIN can appreciate how hard that is - our middle name is not 'individual' for nothing.

This is our view out the front window. We haven't had the sunniest weather, but it hasn't stopped us.

For instance, this is Sandy Beach and, from what we could see of it, it was.

How's this for local wildlife - Canadian lynx. They have really big paws.

Of course, they were stuffed, but beautifully done.

We tried Canadian five pin bowling - not as easy as it sounds. The pins are 3/4 the size and the ball is about softball size. Here's John demonstrating his technique.

The excitement builds. . .

Peggy almost had the highest score the first game, but Mark beat her by one point. Here she is in her 'Vanna White' pose.

Yesterday we split into two groups for hiking - the racehorses and the trotters. We were with the trotters who hiked three of the hardest miles I've ever done. We started at Old Woman Beach below and hiked up to several overlooks of Lake Superior.

Oh, the racehorses went almost seven miles over the same kind of rock and root strewn trail. I'm glad I didn't go with them.

I had to take this picture of Ron taking the group picture. I swear we had more cameras than hikers.

Sandra models the latest in hiking footwear. She said she had to go home and polish her sequins.

The wildflowers have been gorgeous this whole trip and especially since we've been in Canada.

Even though it's raining, some of the group is kayaking the Magpie River today and hopefully taking out before this waterfall!


  1. Was there a plodders hiking group?

  2. Great picture of Peggy -- she really could pass for Vanna White.