Sunday, January 15, 2012

Farewell to Joey

Yesterday we attended a 'celebration of life' for our friend Joey who was the unofficial social director of our WIN RV group. My best description is that she was wonderfully unique. She will be sadly missed as was evidenced by the turnout for her memorial. There were no tears (or not many), but instead a remembrance party that she would have been proud of.

Our WIN poet, Randy, wrote a fitting poem to help send her on her way.


If there be life beyond this one
then Joey Shelton's there
bringing spirit folks together
for parties in the air.

Perhaps she drives a heavenly rig,
A class A Cloudmobile.
A special bed for Sadie waits
beside the steering wheel.

And with her friends already there
enjoys celestial beauty.
Dorothy Prince, our founder and
Billy and Nora and Judy.

Joey played our travel game well,
becoming a part of WIN history;
ranged a thousand roads with us;
staged a murder mystery.

Organized a kayak circuit;
lent a sympathetic ear;
cared for Mr Pete Bonine
during his final year.

But her greatest gift to us
was laughter, full and hearty.
Like no one else Joey knew
how to throw a party.

It's no trivial claim to fame
that one throws parties well;
It called us out of our separateness
when she rang the social bell.

And if there be no life beyond,
then she lived this one well;
with cheer and hope through ups and downs
of life's carousel.

Randy Vining 1/10/12

We love you, Joey! Happy heavenly travels.


  1. I would say she lived very well and had many friends...lovely poem too. Farewell to Joey~

  2. Sorry to hear of your friends passing. The world always seems a little less inviting place when our friends and loved ones leave us here. Memories are all we have left of them, but as long as we remember they will never really be gone!

  3. I'm sorry I wasn't there. I will Joey.

  4. Beautiful Barbara....I'm so glad we were there to share in all the happy memories. I think her children were pleased and amazed to meet so many of us who loved her well.