Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Quartzsite

Dave had asked if I could get some pictures from up high, so last Sunday Nancy joined us for a hike up 'Q' Mountain.

Although it's not a long hike, it is steep with lots of loose rocks. But the view is pretty cool.
The background on the previous picture is the town which is mostly comprised of RV parks and restaurants, but, until recently, no hotels. In fact the story is that somebody burned down the first hotel built several years ago. I don't know if that's true or just a myth.

Looking down from the top, here's the 'Q' on Q Mountain.

This is a small section of public land dotted with a few of the thousands of RVs.

And all the white dots out by the mountains are more RVs. And the big RV show doesn't even open until Saturday.

From the top of the mountain, we could see this mine so we had to check it out.

After doing a full inspection, Ron decided it was probably a stamp mill where they brought the rocks from the surrounding mines.

But there was no doubt where the trash dump was.


  1. Looking forward to an ongoing virtual tour of Q.

  2. Thanks and great shots too. they really show just how many RV's are gathered there. Have a fantastic time.

  3. Lots of old, rusty things. Did you take a good photo to give to Diana? Have a good time at Q.

  4. WOW the wide open spaces look crowded--wonder if there is any good stuff in that trash pile...

  5. Thanks for thinking of me, John and Carol. In fact I have been there, but I appreciate the thought.

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