Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quartzsite Shopping

The first thing we noticed when we arrived in Quartzsite this year was the fancy new sign. Whew! Really classes up the place. It seems they have four of them to cover all the ways in. Pretty impressive.
The camels are to commemorate the local experiment by the Army to use camels. I understand it didn't work out too well.

As soon as possible, Ron visited the world famous (at least to RVers) Quartzsite Bakery. Just walking in the door is enough to make me gain weight.

Over the course of several days, we did what all the visitors do - go shopping. There are several areas of town that are packed with vendors selling whatever you're looking for. I didn't know I was looking for an animal hat until I saw it.

Anyone for a delicious snack? (At least there's no trans fats.)

Ron is in heaven with all the hardware booths.

Then on Saturday, the 'Big Tent' opened. Covering three football fields, the Big Tent is the place to find anything you need for your RV. From lights to braking systems, from water pumps to tow bars, from cookware to satelite TV, along with the ever popular jewelry, it's all here. And so are the RVers.

With their little buddies.

I have to wonder if this dog is having any fun. Yes, there is a dog in there.

It was a cloudy, cold day when we hit the Big Tent so Ron was just happy to find this campfire to warm his hands.


  1. Chocolate covered bacon? I can't believe I missed that!!

  2. Is that an animal hat with built in gloves, or are they gloves with a built in animal hat?

    That hat can confuse you easily...

  3. that kind of shoppin...the doggies in carts is too cute wonder if that small one was a cat? The Signs are very cool...

  4. Okay, now we have to go out together. I have the penguin version of the same hat. Gloves and all.

  5. Glad you're having fun. Once was enough for me. I did enjoy all the pets people brought, though. And the bakery is wonderful.

  6. What a fantastic place and all like minded people. I would give the chocolate covered bacon a miss though.

  7. I missed the bacon too - darn!

  8. I miss quartzsite, but having too much fun here in Florida. Tried chocolate covered bacon before and you can have it.

  9. haha.. chocolate covered bacon. now i've seen it all.

  10. We may have been shopping at the same time, although I think Quartzsite frightened me until sometime in February.