Monday, August 12, 2013

Glacier Park Finale

Before we left the park, there was one more thing I really wanted to do - see a moose.  With that goal in mind, we went back to the Many Glacier area and the Swiftcurrent Trailhead.  We had heard that moose are commonly seen at Fishcap Lake, just a short distance from the trailhead.

At the lake, we settled ourselves along the shore and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  This guy helped us keep a lookout.

But to no avail.  Finally we gave up and moved along to Redrock Lake about a mile away.  On the way I saw this moose walking through the woods.  See him?
(Really, he is there.)

But nothing at the lake.  It was a pretty spot for our lunch.

We headed back to the trailhead, but on the way met a hiker we had earlier pointed toward Fishcap Lake.  He gave us the good news that there was a moose there now, so we hustled back.

Ohhh, what's that?


My day was made!

If you ever want to start conversations with fellow hikers, or even just make them smile, just wear your net hat.  Did I mention there were a lot of bugs?

This concludes our trip to Glacier.  We saw just one more animal right along the road.  This coyote looks pretty healthy.


  1. Some good animal sightings there. That moose in the woods is well camouflaged.

  2. What a great ending for your trip! I've never seen a moose in the wild (or anyplace else) so we'll have to keep a sharp lookout when we get to Glacier.

  3. Great moose encounter. Our best one was in Alaska, where we caught the moose crossing the river, but it wasn't as deep as the river in your photos.

  4. great shot of the coyote and the moose too, of course! I've seen lots of moose in my day up in Newfoundland, but none out in the water like that.

  5. Those are just the best moose pictures!