Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Many Glacier

Humm.  Shouldn't that be Many Glaciers?  Anyway, we finally made it to Glacier National Park and met up with Diana in the St. Mary Campground.  (Shouldn't that be St. Mary's Campground?  I guess they're just not big on s's.)  She picked a great level hike for us to do in the Many Glacier area of the park a few miles north of the campground.

It was a beautiful hike along Swiftcurrent and Josephine lakes which you can also travel by boat.

The Glaciers cut spectacular cliffs on their way to extinction.  (You're going to see a lot of this particular formation since the sun was right for pictures.)

There were lots of pretty wildflowers along the way.

I just couldn't pick which picture to post, so here's one more.

At the far end of Lake Josephine, we admire Salamander Glacier before heading back.  I was thinking Beaver Glacier with that big tail.

It's only another 9/10 mile to Grinnell Lake from our turnaround spot, but since we had already come 2.5 miles, we thought that would have to be another day.  I guess that's why the boat ride up the two lakes is so popular.

Although this trail is well used, I guess the plants grow enough to take over.  We got a kick out of how lush they were in some areas.

Poor Ron puts up with a lot.  Here he seems to be asking, "Well, are you coming or not?"

Funny thing, we did this hike with Diana and did either she or I take a picture of ourselves?  No.  But we both got lots of pictures of Ron.


  1. I was in Glacier twice during the 1970's. I remember it as beautiful but your photos help bring back just how beautiful it was thanks.

  2. A perfect day for a hike, I can only wish for a blue sky like that one!

  3. Ron has quite a career in modeling, doesn't he? ;c)

  4. Ron's going to start charging you for the photo ops ;-)

  5. Last year, almost every blog I read was written about travels in Colorado. It made us miss home and so we are here for the summer. This year, everyone is going to Glacier and the Tetons. I wonder if that is our 2014 destination?

  6. This is one park I really want to visit. Had to cancel our planned trip last fall. I enjoyed your pictures and hope someday to see this for myself.

  7. Love Glacier. We debated and didn't turn left and now I can't even remember why but it was a mistake.

  8. Ron is a good model for those butt shots that I favor...