Wednesday, August 28, 2013

St. Maries, Idaho

We’re back on the west side of Idaho in another cute small town.  St. Maries, pronounced Marys, has no chain stores or chain restaurants in this town of about 2000 people.  But unlike many small towns, this one is doing well economically.  The lumber industry seems to be alive and well and living in Idaho.  There is a giant saw mill in town that probably employs half the population.

We checked out the west end of the Old Milwaukee Railroad rails to trails, which if you take it across the state, turns into the aforementioned Hiawatha Trail.  This section of the trail is a gravel road that follows up the lovely St. Joe river valley.

Luckily there was not much traffic, because it was a bit dusty.

The washboard road was like being on one of those old exercise machines, so we only went about five miles admiring the pastoral scenery.

We even found some rusty stuff for Diana.

Obviously, not many bicyclists take this route, because we actually caused a stampede.
BTW, check out the trunk on that giant cedar tree behind the cattle.

After our workout, we had lunch at the Handi Corner, home of the Buster Burger.   If you finish it, you get it for free (a $39.95 value.)  And, no, we didn't order it.

I asked if anybody had ever finished it and the answer was no.  But if you try, you are forever memorialized as certifiably crazy.

Their menu was extensive – check out the PB&J

St. Maries is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year.  I think they can be very proud.

There are murals all round town depicting their heritage.  


River travel,

And Native American culture.

The Wells Fargo bank even had their trademark stagecoach on the building.

We stayed where the WINs stayed 10 years ago, at a private RV park.  I know what you’re thinking, “Not an RV park!!!”  But this one offers dry camping for $10.  More private parks should do that.  If you’re interested, Misty Meadows is about three miles east of St. Maries and right on the St. Joe River (47.34101, -116.52644).


  1. Little towns can offer some of the best hospitality. Love those murals.

  2. Shame on you for stampeding the cattle.

  3. RAWHIDE>>>>>>>giddy up move em out..haha, so now you're a cattle
    Love the murals, WE live with so many pine trees now thanks to Logging, but at least while they are growing they provide a Forest for the critters. I like that they dont have any Chain Stores!!

  4. I'm guessing you didn't get the PBJ either.

  5. It looks idyllic. I notice that they dont put the calorie count alongside the menu items!!!

  6. It looks idyllic. I notice that they dont put the calorie count alongside the menu items!!!

  7. The photo of the barn is excellent. It is so good, it should be on the wall.

  8. At the price of that PB&J, I'm surprised you didn't order two. After all, you're loaded with the money you save on campsites... :cD

  9. Cool murals, I especially like the Native American one. You people need to quit telling me about all these adorable little towns to visit, I'm never going to get to them all!!