Saturday, August 24, 2013

WIN Inner Child

We moved on to the fairgrounds in Missoula, Montana, and couldn't wait to check out the famous carousel downtown.  All the horses are hand carved, each unique and with its own story.  Shoving aside all the little kids, we climbed aboard.

Austin and Nancy are ready to go, while Margarite is adjusting her seat belt.

Richard is at the starting gate.

As are Herb, Donna, Gene, and Joanne.  I'm not sure what Marvin is doing.

Karen looks excited unlike the little girl next to her.

I think I caught Carolyn unaware.

But I think Bertie gets the prize for being the most enthusiastic.  Just look at that smile.

I took all these pictures while the carousel was still, but Ron actually got a picture of me while it was moving at a million miles an hour.

If you don't believe me about the speed, check out this video.  I don't even recognize anybody, they're just a blur.

As further proof, look at Maynard trying to hang on!

We were all horrified by this poor dog who was there for some kind of a dog contest.  I can just see how embarrassed she is.
Somebody should call PETA.


  1. Great pictures of all the "riders". I think you're all ready for the next big rodeo. That poor dog. I just can't imagine ever doing something like that to an animal. Hope you guys got to the Smoke Jumpers training center over there.

  2. I've read that there's a new craze in China to dye dog's fur to look like exotic animals.

    Great pics on the carousel.

  3. Wasn't the dog just wearing a costume? Great pictures - nice to see everyone.

  4. So who won the great WIN carousel race? Was that dog the prize? :cD

  5. Carousels are so dang Pretty! UNLIKE that poor dog,,,I hate when people don't respect animals!!