Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Leaving Montana

We caught up with our WIN friends in Kalispell, MT, staying at the fairgrounds.  Once day we drove up to Lone Pine State Park which has an excellent view of the town and surrounding mountains.

We could even see ourselves parked in the fairgrounds.  It was a bit pricey at $12.50 a night, although the early birds got electric.  You can't see our rig but it's buried in the tress behind the red building on the right.  Needless to say, it was hot.

One day, Ron and I took a drive around Flathead Lake, 27 miles long and 15 miles wide. This is a big area for growing sweet cherries and we stopped at one of the hundreds of roadside stands and bought some.

When we left Kalispell, we headed south to I 90 by way of some very pretty back roads.
BTW, Ron wasn't driving on the wrong side of the road here.  I took this backwards out my window.

Another shot out the windshield.  Ron is always washing it, but I think bugs are attracted to a clean windshield.

We stopped overnight at the 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar at exit 16 off I 90.  When we were there years ago, it was 10,000, but I guess the name will change again, because . .

It started with silver dollars inset into the bar.

But now they're just everywhere.  Behind the bar,

And hanging from the ceiling.

Each one mounted with the 'owner's' name.

This is pretty interesting to read.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that they have free RV parking among the trees behind the bar.  They even offer free electric, but I was afraid to hook up since I read online that they might be wired wrong.  However Ron checked several outlets and said they were fine.  (We still didn't plug in.)


  1. We have never been to the Silver Dollar Bar. One of these days.

  2. Your photos are beautiful of the lakes that are full of water. It is great to see areas that are not affected by the drought.

    I'm like Ron: I like a clean windshield.

  3. I was amazed by the Flathead Resovoir when we drove alongside, it seemed to go on forever...STICK EM UP! The silver dollars of course. Great photos!! There is a shift in the weather today are you guys headed back home now,,,slowly meandering?

  4. $12.50 a night is expensive? You need to camp more on the East Coast and you'd be thrilled to only have to pay that much.

    Of course if you could "liberate" some of those silver dollars, paying for a campsite would be no problem, as long as you have enough CCC to carry them... :cD

  5. Yes I was amazed at $12.50 a night. Converting that to Sterling its peanuts. We usually pay around £20 per night with electricity, whats that in $'s, about 50?

  6. Nothing quite like the wide open spaces of the west. I'm with Paul and Dave ... $12.50 is a great price compared to what you pay out this way.

  7. I agree with Paul and Marti: $12.50 is expensive? We go for either free (when we volunteer) or COE parks that are really cheap for seniors or full-load for 50 amp and water.