Saturday, August 17, 2013

Marathon Biking

One day Ron and I drove south along the east side of gorgeous Coeur D'Alene Lake.  Idaho certainly has more than its share of beautiful lakes.  I think this one is special because of the interesting inlets and shoreline.

Idaho has fully embraced the 'rails to trails' concept. Their Trail of the Coeur D'Alenes stretches across the state utilizing decommissioned railroad right-of-way.  And best of all, most of it is paved!

We got the bikes out of the car and headed east along the Coeur D'Alene River and Chain Lakes.  Immediately we were amazed by the water lilies along the way.

And charmed by this family of osprey.

We screeched to a stop when we came upon these precious deer, not tiny, but still with their fawn spots.

They seemed fine just watching us.

But when another biker showed up, the flag went up and they were off.

We passed multiple lakes

And rode through some gorgeous countryside.

One more shot of the river.

After nine miles, we turned around for our return.  I know it isn't that far for some people, but I couldn't believe I rode 18 miles.  Of course, the trail being very level and paved certainly helped.  What a great day!


  1. Good job! You are about our speed. Maybe we should bike together this winter. And a great photo of the deer's twil.

  2. Thats a great RIDE...I think 18 miles is VERY GOOD! And what a beautiful spot to ride along!!

  3. It must have been a very slow 18 miles with all that beautiful scenery! Wow! :c)

  4. Gorgeous pictures. And look at those long legs on those fawns. So cute. I wish I could do a mile let along 18.

    We use Kaspersky as our anti-virus and he said that was a good one to use. But it doesn't have any malware protection so he likes Malware Bytes. That's what we have now.

  5. I loved the Trail of the Hiawatha up there. The trails run from Spokane all the way into Montana.

  6. I've seen other bloggers post some amazing bike ride pics of Idaho. Nice way to spend the day!

  7. Lovely ride ... with our trikes, we definitely need paved paths and rails-to-trails often fit the bill.

  8. Oh, that looked just so incredibly good. I lived there for nearly 30 years. Drove that road past that gorgeous view of Beauty Bay to my home north of Harrison. Mapped soils on the banks of the Coeur D' Alene River where you biked. That bike trail wasn't there when I left 11 years ago. I love Oregon, but when I see pictures like these it makes me miss my other soul home.

  9. I can't believe up you rode 18 miles either! That is great.