Friday, June 19, 2015


We stayed three days at the Elks in Brookings, Oregon, $18 for w/e.  And we hit our first Fred Meyer store for this trip.  I LOVE Fred Meyer.  It's like a super Walmart, only much better.  And it's a Kroger store, so I can earn Fry's points for gas discounts.  But enough about that.

The Chetco River runs through Brookings.  I guess we really are out of drought-stricken California, because this river is really flowing.

We walked out to Chetco Point.

This must be Pelican Rock.

We wanted to spend some time stopping at all the viewpoints along the 18-mile Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor.  Thinking to avoid the dreaded fog, we waited until it was sunny at the Elks before taking off.

At our first stop, we decided we might have been overly optimistic.

So we walked part of the Oregon Coast Trail through gorgeous ferns and sitka spruce trees.  This trail extends the whole 362-mile length of the Oregon coastline and I bet it has some great views (sometimes.)

We hiked as far as the viewpoint for the Thomas Creek Bridge, the highest bridge in Oregon at 345 feet.  Nice, huh?

Next we drove to the viewpoint for what is probably the most famous spot in the corridor, Arch Rock.

What?  You can't see it?  Never fear, here's a picture of it from our trip in 2011.

I did like the look of this rock, even in the fog.

By the time we arrived at the Natural Bridges viewpoint, the fog was dissipating and we could actually admire the view.  I wonder why they call these bridges and Arch Rock is an arch.

You have to use your imagination for Whaleshead Rock.

We had a nice walk at Cape Ferrelo.

And made a stop at Lone Ranch Beach.

It was a nice day, although I guess we should have started later.


  1. I read somewhere that a bridge is a type of arch ... water has played a role in its creation, it usually spans water of some sort, and has a flatter top that makes it look more like a bridge. But looking at your pics, not sure how accurate that information is..

  2. So the fog did burn off...that was good I see the whole whale not just the head.

  3. That picture of Ron walking through the ferns is really nice, and the one of him on the bench at the beach. Have to get a few of you like that!