Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lost and Found

Before I continue with our sight-seeing in and around Trinidad, I have a cautionary, but funny tale to tell.

In order to access the Cher-Ae Heights casino, you can either take Scenic Road south from Trinidad or north from a more southern exit off  US 101.  Since we were coming from the south, we picked the second choice.  Big mistake.  Ron said that was the worst stretch of road in all the driving he's done on this trip.  In addition to the road being the usual twisty, hilly, narrow, and, in some places, one lane, there was no way to avoid hitting the low-hanging tree branches.

When we arrived at the casino, we noticed one of the gutter extenders on the RV was missing.  Just like this one, but on the opposite side.

Well shoot, these things come in a package of all four.  We decided to drive back and look for it.

We drove the two miles to the exit, looking for a spot of white along the side of the road.  No luck.  Then on our way back, there it was!  We don't know how we missed it the first time because it was right ON the road.

 It's a little cracked and bent up, but Ron thinks he can make it work.  And this mentality is why we both could retire early.  LOL


  1. Enjoying following your trip. We will be travelling in the same areas in a week or so but will use the 101. Can you tell me how long your RV is? We have a Newmar 32' and I have had trouble trying to book into a lot of the state beaches/campgrounds due to our size.

    Thanks - vmsparks@msn.com

  2. We don't seem to have much luck going back to find lost items off the rig. We did find our boat fender once when we went down a horrible, horrible road. So you are lucky you found it and that it was salvageable by Ron. 114 today (record is 1115) and normal is 105.

  3. Glad you found the gutter extender and hope it can be patched up and used again. I remember reading something before we went to that casino about the best way to get there, so we went the longer way to the northern exit.

  4. I'm impressed that you found it at all. Good thing you retired early, before your eyesight failed... ;c)