Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wrap It Up

We really enjoyed our stay in Gold Beach.  Every morning we watched the jet boat tours head up the Rogue River.  We briefly thought about taking one, but the shortest tour is 5 1/2 hours.  Even with a stop for lunch, that's just too long in a boat.  And I like boats!

We drove up Jerry's Flat Road to about the 10-mile mark and followed the turnoff sign for Frances Shrader Old Growth Trail.  After a long two-mile climb, we finally arrived.  We had not really expected much, because, after all, we had seen all those redwood trees, but we were impressed.

The stars of this forest are the Douglas fir trees which can live 600 years,

And the lovely Port Orford cedar trees, which can live to 1000 years, but are being killed by a disease that infects the roots.  I love cedars.  Just look at the interesting bark on a mature tree and the foliage from a young one.

We were surprised to see wild bleeding heart

The trail brochure pointed this out as an old trail blaze - whether Native American or early settler, I'm not sure.

At over 10 feet in diameter and 220 feet tall, this tree might look like a redwood, but it's a Douglas fir.  (I like posing next to big objects so I appear smaller.)

We drove back home using the road on the north side of the river.  I had to stop and snap a picture of us parked on the other side.

And one of the art deco column at the end of the I.L Patterson Bridge.

We decided to stay one more day so Ron could work on the RV's furnace which had been making some noise.  (Remember we're on the coast and it does sometimes get cold at night.)

I'm happy to say he only had one little screw left over when he reinstalled it!

As a treat for the German in him, we went to the Black Forest Restaurant for dinner.  Located in Honey Bear Campground, it has been owned and operated by Gary and Jeannett Saks since 1979. The menu is set each night with two delicious options for the entree, one usually being a German favorite.

Gary is the very personable host and entertainer.  I know many of our WIN friends remember how much fun we had there on our previous visits.

On our way home we stopped at Otter Point State Recreation Site to walk off a bit of that good home cooking.


  1. Are you trying to say Ron had a screw loose? ;c)

  2. You should have done the boat ride. We've done it from both directions and took the road on the north side from Gold Beach to I5.

  3. The trees are amazing just imagine they were around in the year 1015...WOW..

  4. Having only one screw left after a reinstall is a major achievement ;-)