Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More Coast

Luckily we didn't have the normal coastal fog while we were staying at Van Damme State Park.  We stopped in at Russian Gulch State Park because we heard they have an interesting sinkhole.  At an estimate, I'd say the sinkhole is about 60 feet across and 40 feet deep.  The waves come in through an outlet to the ocean which is probably about 50 feet away.  It's not much of a picture, but an interesting phenomenon.

It must be pretty soft rock because we saw several caves and bridges.

Just look at the beautiful color of the water when it reflects the blue sky.

There was a lot of churning going on.

Explorer Ron

We also stopped at Point Cabrillo Light Station.  Am I missing something or should the light be on the ocean side of the building?

Just to catch up a bit, I'm going to add a few pictures from our next stop.  Thirty miles farther north on route 1 is Westport-Union Landing State Beach.  It's only $25 ($23 for seniors), so cheap for a CA State Park and you get to park on a cliff overlooking the oeean.

They seem to have a bit of an erosion problem.  This used to be the state park road and, before that, it was route 1 in the sixties.

That's us on the left, next to the tree.  Don't worry, we're far back from the edge.

It's quite a rocky area.  People look for abalone which cling to those rocks.  Crazy.


  1. Yikes! That erosion looks like it will take your campsite in no time. But then would they give a discount if half of the site was missing? ;c)

  2. CA is getting smaller all the time, with land slides and sink holes! Its beautiful there tho!.

  3. Wow! What a site and what a great site to park. Glad you didn't fall off into the ocean.

  4. Love that coastal scenery in the third photo.