Sunday, June 28, 2015

Coos Bay Area

We moved north to Bluebill Campground in Oregon Dunes NRA - a nice little-used campground.  On our way, we drove over the Conde McCullough Memorial Bridge.  The cantilever truss bridge is 5,305 feet long, which was the longest along the coast when it was built in 1936.

Once over the bridge, the GPS announced that we'll be making a left turn in the middle of the next bridge.

It turned out to be two causeways, but it did give us a start for a minute.

Bluebill Campground fit all our requirements, and had a nice mile trail around Bluebill Lake.

The campground host was very self-motivated: he landscaped the outhouse.

We went to pretty Shore Acres State Park.  What a place!

It seems we visited at a good time.  There were still some azaleas in bloom.

The hydrangeas were just starting their show.

There were dahlias.

As well as some more unusual plants like this monkey puzzle tree.

And an evergreen dogwood tree.

There was a pond with water lilies.

But the real stars of the park are the roses.  I always like the two-toned ones.

More pretty roses.

So pretty.


  1. I would love to grow roses, but the deer eat them down, I have a couple surviving ramblers and 2 knock outs left...Awesome flowers in your post...both the CG and the park are worth a visit.

  2. Gorgeous. I like that last photo with the fountain; and the pink/red marbelized rose is my favorite.

  3. Stunning photos! We loved Shore Acres when we were there in 2008.