Friday, June 26, 2015

Cape Blanco

As you might have noticed, we've been having really nice weather.  With no sign of that nasty coastal fog for several days now, I thought we were finally out of that pattern.  Today's blue sky was no exception when we left Gold Beach to drive 40 miles to Cape Blanco State Park.

At the halfway point, we stopped to rest at a pullout with a lovely view of Humbug Mountain.  What a great name that is!

Continuing on our way, we made the turn for Cape Blanco, situated at Oregon's most western point, and there it was.

Well, I can certainly see why they need a lighthouse!

So we found a spot for the RV in the campground, which, surprisingly, wasn't foggy at all, and drove back to helpful Port Orford.

At Port Orford Heads State Park, we walked the headlands trail to several nice viewpoints.  The only fog was way out in the ocean . . .

Until we looked back north to Cape Blanco.

Ron spotted the seals on the rocks far below.

I think they're smiling.

Everything in Oregon just seems so pretty and green.

Although Ron is the sign reader, I did find this one about the coastline to be interesting.  I'll split it into two so you can read it.

Gee, I wonder how big Florida was.


  1. You have been lucky with the fog ... even on this drive.

  2. Who said rising sea levels was a problem. Looks like they are lower, not higher.

    You don't read signs. I'm like Ron, I read every word I see.

  3. When the fog lifts it makes you appreciate Cape Blanco even more! We got lucky and had a clear day to tour the lighthouse.

  4. 20,000 from now we may have to move our beach chairs a little farther in...
    Man that is pea soup fog!

  5. Amazing, isn't it? Wonder what our world will look like in 20,000 more years?