Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun in Show Low

We have several friends who have purchased lots in the high desert outside of Show Low. Most of them are very happy to just park their RVs on their own 1 1/4 acres, but some are more ambitious. Mary Ellen and Ted recently bought a gorgeous double wide and, despite many obstacles, are making it work. Here's Mary Ellen welcoming us for a visit. Watch out for that first step!

Ted and Mary Ellen have a blog at where you can read about all their adventures. To see their account of this house being brought in, click here.

Another friend Jon went a different route. He bought precut logs and started from the ground up. Here he's sitting on the porch of his very ingenious cabin.

On Sunday we attended a party to celebrate Norwegian Independence Day. Before you ask, the day commemorates their independence from Sweden. There was a big turnout.

Marlene was the prime instigator and spent three hours working on the sweet almond treat. It's baked in rings, then stacked and iced. Yummy.

Jo Ann, who is Norwegian AND from Minnesota, jumped right in with additional ideas. Here she is serving some authentic Scandinavian sandwiches - start with salmon and add assorted goodies.

Ron and Carol look pretty happy.

Taylor, Patricia, and Judy enjoyed Jo Ann's Ollie and Lena jokes.

Our friend John recently bought a Harley and is planning to leave his perfectly lovely motor home and take the bike across the country. I have to admit he looks pretty spiffy on that bike.

John is also putting a blog together to keep his friends updated during his trip east. You can read about him by clicking here.


  1. Thanks for the "plug" Barbara! It was great seeing you and Ron. Wish you could have stayed longer. Maybe in the fall......??

  2. I wish you guys could have stayed longer also, at least until I arrive this Saturday. Anyway, thanks for the great tour of the neighborhood and showing me what I'm missing while hanging out here in the Phoenix heat.