Thursday, July 9, 2015

Chinook Winds Blew Us Away

We moved on to Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City, but you'll have to get to the end of the post to see the explanation of the title.  There were about 30 rigs in their slanted parking lot, but we managed to find a fairly level spot before heading out for a hike.

I really wanted to see Drift Creek Falls that Gayle and Jim wrote about in their blog here. But, since it was already afternoon, the long drive to the trail head discouraged us.  Instead we drove a few miles to the trail head for the Cascade Head Natural Area - a pretty hike through the woods with promised spectacular views at the end.

You would think I'd get tired of these woodsy hikes, but they're just so lush and vibrant green - a veritable feast for the eyes.

There was some elevation change, especially at the beginning.

Stopping to catch our breath, I noticed these affectionate trees.  See how their roots are reaching out to each other?

I know I might be getting carried away.

Once out of the woods, the views were pretty spectacular, although they would have been better without the dreaded fog.

The ocean,

And the Salmon River.

Peaking over the edge at our turn-around point, after 1.7 miles.

With a partial view to the north.

Interesting plant.

Now for the meaning behind my post title.  We returned to the rig and were just debating what to do for dinner - should be go into the casino?  Since we don't gamble, we often patronize casino restaurants. We were interrupted by a security guard at the door.  He explained that beginning June 8, RVs are no longer allowed to park overnight in the casino lot.  BUT we are welcome to stay in their very expensive RV park across the road - $37 + 12.5% tax for a back in site and $43 + tax for a pull thru. So if you're planning on stopping overnight at Chinook Winds Casino, don't.

Since it was getting pretty late and we had already driven and hiked, we just moved about 7 miles up the road to a pull off in the national forest for the night.  Hey!  We've been thrown out of better places.


  1. Definitely time to move on with those prices. I'm not so sure about all you hikers. We've had three people die this week hiking in the heat. One in Echo Canyon and two near Gila Bend. Two other people were stranded on Four Peaks and rescue crew had to spend the night with them up there until they could get them down today. So stupid. And no water. I know you guys are much better prepared and I sure lovey our pictures. Even with the fog.

  2. This coastline and scenery is very similar to Wales,with
    its the similarity in climate. We had 2 hill walkers killed by lightening last weekend.

  3. Too bad about Chinook winds. It's such a great location. That place was packed with overnight RVers when we were there. Of course some of them looked like they were living there. Maybe they should have just limited stays to a night or two because I doubt many of the people staying there for free would pay those high rates to stay at the RV park anyway. Oh well, everything changes.

  4. The price of that campground would have blown me away, too. Wow!

  5. From free to that is quite a jump! Goad you didnt let them ruffle your feathers. It's some kind of beautiful there.

  6. Sounds like the Casino decided they were so popular with RVers, they wanted to make more money than they could from just their restaurant.

  7. I like that ocean scene ... fog and all.