Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Forks (part 2)

Together with some of the other WINs parked here, we took the 116-mile (round trip) drive to beautiful Cape Flattery.  Whew!  Quite a drive, but it was certainly worth it.

Along the way I was trying to stop at 'offbeat tourist attractions' that I got off my GPS.  Unfortunately I only found one out of three.  What do you think?
Cape Flattery is on the Makah Indian Reservation, so we stopped in Neah Bay to buy a $10 pass for the car.  Good thing we did because we would have been really upset to drive all the way to the end of the road and discover there was no place to buy it then.

In the parking lot we admired this classic bike and sidecar.

There is a gorgeous 3/4 mile trail to the tip of Cape Flattery.  It begins almost wide enough to be a road.

Here are some of our WIN friends posing with a tree that is as individual as we are.

The first viewpoint is stunning.

When the trail narrowed, a lot of it was boardwalk.

At trail's end, we could see the lighthouse on Tatoosh Island. 

The view was lovely and dramatic.

We stayed back from the edge after seeing all the sea caves below.

I shamelessly stole this picture that Wanda posted on FaceBook.   We had two more in our group, but they were off doing their own thing.

On our way back to the car, Ron stopped in this convenient phone booth to make a call.  

After a tasty lunch at Linda's Wood Fired Kitchen in Neah Bay, we were ready for the Makah Indian Museum.

No photography is allowed past the lobby, but it is a beautifully laid out museum highlighting hundreds of objects excavated from a Makah village that had been buried and preserved by a mudslide about 500 years ago.  Well worth a visit.


  1. You got lucky! It was so foggy the day we were there we couldn't even see the lighthouse.

  2. Very interesting Views and other stuff too...What was the $10 pass for?

  3. Are you sure it is worth it to search out those off-beat tourist attractions? But the rest of the trip was surely worth your time and $10.

  4. Cliffs and the sea ... probably my favorite seascape. Definitely worth the drive. That's a nice phone booth; nice of Mother Nature to provide a place like that when you need privacy of a phone call ;-)