Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Along the Coast

We really enjoyed seeing the whole 90 miles of coastline known as Big Sur.  We (okay, Ron) drove all of it in the RV and I think we also hit all of it by car.  It's just so beautiful.

I am fascinated with all the bridges that soar above the valleys along the way.

At the Mill Creek bridge, you can drive down to the beach.  You don't realize how high those bridges are when driving across.  Now I'm going to be really nervous each time we do.

Where the creek meets the sea.

There are lots of interesting rocks, near and far.

These pretty morning glory vines are everywhere.

Farther north, the bridges seem to get fancier.

Another spectacular view.  It never ends.


  1. One of America's greatest drives! You're making me jealous... ;c)

  2. Wonderful drive. Thanks for taking us along.