Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hither and Yon

After a tasty Mother's Day brunch at the Santa Maria Elks, we moved to the San Luis Obispo Elks.  (Now you know how far behind I am on the blog.)  Once again, they allowed us to dry camp for $10.

We ran over to Montana de Oro State Park where we hiked the Bluff Trail.  It was a little cold, but really pretty.

The rock formations at the point are particularly interesting.

Next we stopped to view Morro Rock from across Morro Bay.  At 581 feet, it's a pretty impressive rock - actually, a volcanic plug.

When we drove out the causeway to the base of the rock, we spotted otters in the bay.  That was really exciting and made me wish for a better camera.

We made one more stop before returning home.  Located in El Chorro Regional Park, the botanical garden is a work in progress.

Presently, they have two acres landscaped with Mediterranean plants.  Their goal is to expand to 150 acres of world class garden.

Although it's currently rather small, they have done a fine job with the layout and labeling.  This was my favorite plant.  It's called Bear's Breeches.

And how's this for sound gardening advice?


  1. How true about the weeds!! Love your little otter!

  2. No wonder I was never able to keep a beautiful garden! All my "weeds" came out too easily. Now I know. ;c)

  3. We were also impressed with that little botanical garden. There were hummingbirds everywhere!

  4. Chuckle, chuckle ... obviously what Mui's trying to disentangle and pull out from the hibiscus hedge is a weed. He's still trying to get it out ;-)