Saturday, May 2, 2015


Our next stop was pretty Oceanside where we parked at the Elks - $23 a night with water and electric. I really liked Oceanside because they have a lot of parking near the beach with some of it actually free!

I thought the Oceanside fishing pier was clever and unique, but since then we've seen several like it.  It's still the first for me, so I guess that makes it special.

We visited San Luis Rey de Francia. Founded in 1798, it was the largest of the 21 Spanish missions.

It is a huge and beautiful church.

You can see how large the compound was.  It was home to 3000 natives in the early 1800s.

Another day we drove along the coastal highway and stopped at a street fair in Encinitas.  This went on for several blocks.

At one point we were surprised to see what appeared to be a dog driving a car.

His owner was about 10 feet behind with the remote control, but it really gave us a good laugh.

He even had a driver's license.

Squid, anyone?

There were lots of beautiful magnolia trees and I finally found a bloom I could reach for a picture.

Back at the RV, we came across this cute parrot-type bird.  He didn't seem too afraid of us.  We had to wonder if he was an escaped pet.  I hope he survives in the wilds of Oceanside.


  1. I'll pass on the squid. We saw a fishing pier like that at Santa Monica--but it had a carnival at the end.

  2. NO Squid for me..cute dog!!

  3. You could have skipped the picture of the squid. $23 is a fantastic rate for that area. Glad you were able to get a spot.

  4. A car-driving dog!!! Next they will be driving motorhomes!!! What is the world coming to???