Friday, May 22, 2015

Wrapping Up

We left our expensive parking lot bright and early to avoid paying another day use fee.  That was tough for this non-morning person.  We had about 25 miles left to finish the Big Sur drive and were confident we could do it in one day.

I have just a few more pictures of the drive.

Of course I made Ron stop at the famous Bixby Creek Bridge (or Bixby Bridge.)  I hurried to take my pictures when we realized he had stopped at a bus stop.  Seriously?  The bus route comes down this treacherous road and stops at this forlorn spot?

Completed in 1932, this artistic, curving bridge is 714 feet long with 320 feet of that over the arch.  It is an icon of the Big Sur drive, requiring every motorist to take a selfie with the bridge.  A bicyclist asked me if I wanted him to take my picture with the bridge and I gave my standard reply, "No thanks, I  know what I look like."

After a very scary drive through a residential area of Monterey, where Ron was sure I was directing him incorrectly, we arrived at the very scenic Elks Lodge.  (I have to admit I was having doubts too.)  They allowed us to dry camp which brought our cost down to $12.50 a day, rather than the $25 they charge for hookups.  We've been in some beautiful Elks lodges this trip, but this one takes the cake.  It has a pool, exercise room, and sauna, (none of which we used,) and a gorgeous view of the bay.

We took a ride around the area.  Here's Fisherman's Wharf.

And Cannery Row.

Lover's Point

And Point Pinos Lighthouse.
Point Pinos Lighthouse is the oldest, continuously-operating lighthouse on the West Coast.  It was first lit in 1855.

Right across from the lighthouse is a golf course with an unusual grounds keeper.


  1. Many of the places that Steinbeck mentions in his books.

  2. All beautiful photos ... but the ones of the Bixby Bridge are simply wonderful.

  3. I love your response to the self picture. Have to remember that one. I usually say - why would I want to ruin the beauty of the bridge, mountain, waves etc.

  4. How will we know you in a crowd if you don't post a selfie once and a while? :cP

  5. We might join the Elks if all the campgrounds were like the one you describe here.