Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Moving Inland

We've been following US 101 or CA 1 and hugging the coast since we left LA.

But about 30 miles past Santa Barbara, both roads, as one, take advantage of a cut through the mountains and head inland for a bit.

We stayed on 101 and hit the Elks in Santa Maria where they let us dry camp for $10.  Ron lived in Santa Maria while he was working at Vandenberg AFB long, long ago.  He did find his apartment from back then.

From there, we made a couple of day trips.  The first was to Lompoc (pronounced Lom-poke). Lompoc bills itself as the 'city of arts and flowers.'  The art is presented in the form of murals and I love murals.

It's just a tiny downtown area, but the murals are everywhere.

I told Ron that if I could paint, I would do this around the back door on our house.

Lompoc also grows flowers, lots and lots of flowers, for seed.

One year, a field was planted in flag pattern.

Somebody went crazy on this cinder block building.

The murals also commemorated the local history.

This was my favorite historical one.

But you have to read the sign to fully appreciate it.

But for just plain cute, this one is perfect.

Although we were a little early for the flower spectacular, we did manage to find a couple fields of stock.

(I know this looks like another mural, but it's really my picture.)


  1. They have some really talented people doing those murals. Can't imagine a bunch of women pulling a building off it's foundation.

  2. Wow, what amazing murals! New place on our bucket list. ;c)

  3. Ooooh! Murals ... I got to go see them.

  4. I think you SHOULD paint around your back door...there is no way to mess it up...
    What an interesting town...I love the field of flowers wish I could grown flowers like that!

  5. First thing I thought when I saw all those old fashioned ladies was they were probably from the temperance movement. That's what happens when your daughter was a Women's Studies student!