Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tiny Zoo

When we left the Mission Viejo Elks, we moved a whole 16 miles to the Santa Ana Elks.  It's not as good of a deal at $20 a night, but we've resigned ourselves to spending some money on this trip. Also we were having a hot spell and actually needed electric for air conditioning.  Right across the street from the Elks is the zoo.

It has a limited number of animals, but at least you don't get tired walking around.  They specialize in animals from Central and South America, like this scarlet ibis, who seems to be giving me the stink eye..

In this glass cage, you can see the rare Ron and Barbara birds.

The macaws are pretty.

I think my favorite was the giant anteater.  They can grow up to 7 feet in length and weigh up to 90 pounds.  Imagine how many ants he would have to eat.

The howler monkeys were hanging out in the trees and. thankfully, not howling.

These pretty jacaranda trees were everywhere.

The zoo is just the right size for small children and even has a little train they can ride.  We were too late to get a picture of the train since it stops at 2pm.  Shoot!


  1. That scarlet ibis is incredible. Anteaters are an interesting animal.

  2. Such color .... the scarlet ibis is beautiful, but I am especially glad you shared the rare Ron and Barbara birds ... don't see them everywhere ;-))

  3. I think an anteater would be a worthy addition to my RV. Those little sugar ants attack us each spring. :c)

  4. Love the Glass Caged
    OHHH that Ibis is I need a pair of shades to look through.