Thursday, May 7, 2015

More Seashore and a Big Ship

Next up was Huntington Beach which I especially liked.  While walking around town, we thought it seemed like a nice place.  Just saying.

There was a cool mural.

And lots of people on the beach.

And, like many of the ocean towns, they have a fishing pier.

There were a lot of surfers waiting for the perfect wave.  Hey, I could do that waiting part!

Have you ever thought that the landscaping in coastal towns looks like overgrown houseplants?

Next up was Seal Beach.

Once again, we walked out on their pier, but didn't see any seals.

Just gulls.

Although we did hear on the news that there was a shark scare at Seal Beach the day we visited, I guess it was after we left.

But the highlight of the day was seeing the Queen Mary.  Wow!

In order to get the whole ship in a picture, we had to go across the bay.  It even dwarfs one of the giant cruise ships.

My father deployed to Europe on the Queen Mary during the war (WWII).  I called him to ask for a quote about the trip to put in this post.  He said the staterooms were made to hold two people, but 18 servicemen were assigned to each one.  They brought in three triple bunks for the trip.  Nine guys would sleep in the bunks while the other nine found a spot on the deck to sleep.  AND this trip took place the last four days of December.  When the route passed Iceland, there was ice on the deck. Yikes!  I'm glad the trip was only four days.

And now I have an excuse to post a picture of my handsome father.


  1. Sounds like 4 days from hell. Yes, your dad is very handsome!

  2. My dad also slept on the deck on the ship he was on going overseas during WWII. His trip took 40 days, but he was going to the Pacific island of Saipan. I imagine it was slightly warmer than your dad's trip. ;c)

  3. That close quarters for sure!! I see a resemblance..

  4. QM looks a little worn now ... I remember the black hull being ... well blacker and shinier. Thanks for sharing your dad's comment ... appreciate his service.