Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pier 39

Our next stop was Pier 39 in the heart of the tourist area.  We drove around a little, but managed to score a free 2-hour parking spot only a couple of blocks away from our destination.  Cool.

As soon as you step onto the pier, you can hear the resident sea lions.  We can never get too much of these interesting creatures.

Arguments break out often, especially between the larger males.  This guy hopped up on the dock and immediately began rearranging the others.

He wasn't happy until he had them all lined up.  Do sea lions have OCD?

I wonder if the one with the loudest bark wins?

The victor was obviously very proud when his rival jumped off the dock.

You can also zoom in on Alcatraz from here.

After we had a bite to eat, we joined the multitude of people wandering the pier.  During our lunch, the skies finally cleared.

All we bought was food, but we did admire this two-tiered carousel.

San Francisco has lots of choices for public transportation, but I'm just not adept at figuring it out.  We did like these antique electric streetcars.

And, of course, it wouldn't be San Francisco without the iconic cable cars.

But if I had the nerve, this is the way I would go.  Doesn't this look like fun?

The problem is I would not want to go downhill on a Segway, so that leaves San Francisco out.


  1. I wouldn't have the nerve to use segways in San Fran ... or any big city for that matter.

  2. I love the sea lions, but boy do they smell! You'd think with all that ocean bathing they'd smell much sweeter! :cD

    Wonder if they take those Segways down Lombard Street?

  3. That does look like fun to trip around on 2 wheels..but it could get ugly!
    Love the sea lions!!

  4. Don't Segways have brakes? I'd like to try one, but not in San Francisco.