Sunday, May 10, 2015

Beaching It

Regardless of the cost, we decided we needed to experience one night at a California State Beach. We picked Thornhill Broome State Beach, located about 20 miles south of Ventura.  The sites are just parallel parking along the paved park road which suited us fine. That way everybody has a view of the ocean on one side . . .

And route 1 with the Santa Monica Mountains on the other.  With a $2 senior discount, it was $33 for the night.

To get there, Ron drove 45 miles, more than he had driven since we started in San Diego. We've moved the rig 6 times and averaged 31.6 miles per move.  Poor Ron is happy to have that stressful city driving behind him.   I have to admit that I didn't do any of it, just sat in my princess seat and directed.

After parking the rig, we made a quick run up to Ventura to check out this pretty city.  We found an overlook with a good view.

Then walked around downtown and admired the interesting buildings.

I especially loved the theater.

Back at the rig, we enjoyed the sunset,

And wondered if the waves were getting bigger,

Right before we realized that it was a full moon and there wasn't a lot of elevation gain from the water to us.  Humm.  Should I be worried?  I checked with google and discovered high tide would be at 9:40 pm.  Well, I never go to bed before then so I decided to just keep an eye on it.

It turned out we were in a high spot, but the next morning we could see the darker sand where the water had come right up to the rig a few sites down.  They had left stuff out including a couple of dog beds that got wet.  I sure hope the dogs weren't in them.

We were surprised to see this guy come bouncing up on the sand.  I was impressed that people pretty much stayed away and let the poor guy rest.  (Including me, this is zoomed and cropped.)

I was worried about him.  To me, it didn't seem natural for him to rest so close to people, but what do I know?  I'm going with "He's fine!"

The waves were still impressive, but we took our home and left.

I don't know if we'll be doing that again - at least not during a full moon.


  1. I must say - I've never parked anywhere where I had to worry about the tides coming in. Gorgeous views. And the sound of the surf to lull you to sleep. Wonderful.

  2. Sometimes it's worth it just to stay in a particular place. A couple of years ago we were in Ireland and payed over the odds just to stay on a site on Galway Bay, so we could see..... the sun go down on Galway Bay.

  3. Glad you considered the high tides and full moon and were high and dry.

  4. Closer isn't always better. People sometimes park too close to the water here on the gulf ... we've come across too many who have paid the price by getting stuck.

  5. We lived right on the beach for 11 years and became very sensitive to tide cycles. It took a long time to get over looking at lakes and thinking it was high tide. Looks like you survived your beach bum night in good shape. :c)

  6. I loved right on the Atlantic for 5 years some high water is a scare, glad you were in the right place! Very pretty there...

    1. although my love life is normally not public, I made this one exception..HA!