Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Visiting Friends

For the past week we've been visiting friends in the hills east of Show Low, Arizona. Several of our fellow RVers have bought their own little piece of heaven in Show Low Pines, about 20 miles from town. This area is not for the weak or timid. Fresh water is at least 800 feet down, so instead of a digging a well, they have it delivered. Electricity has not reached this area, although the good news is that a septic system can be installed. Oh, and I almost forgot about the wind in spring and bugs in early summer, followed by the monsoon season. However, this is the third year that Ron and I have visited the area in the fall and it is paradise. We've been here a week and every day has been sunny with the high around 70 and the nights in the 40s. While other areas of Arizona are still in the 90s, here at almost 7000 feet it's nice and cool. Maybe one of these days we'll join our intrepid friends and buy our own lot.

Here's our good friend Carol who has been so hospitable, showing us around in her new SUV (great for traveling the unfinished sections of road.)

One day she drove us into the mountains and even found me a few aspens that still had their beautiful fall color.

We met some other good friends for lunch at this beautifully decorated Mexican restaurant in Show Low. From the left are Taylor, me, Ron, and Ted and Mary Ellen who have a brand new blog. Check it out at

I couldn't get over the beautiful chairs - this was my favorite.


  1. Looks like fun -- say Hi to everyone for me.

  2. Oh, my home sweet summer home!!

  3. Say HI to Taylor, Carol and Ted and Mary ellen!!

  4. Thanks Barbara! Your description of our Show Low properties is dead on!! "Paradise...but not for the weak or timid!" Mary Ellen

  5. We have one. Want to share. Needs developed if we can find it again.

  6. Sounds like a whole bunch of fun.