Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ron's RV Improvement

It's been awhile since I've posted any of Ron's RV tweaking, but he's as busy as ever.  Here's something he actually did a year ago, but I finally got pictures.

Ron was always concerned about the emergency escape window.  Once opened, he didn't like the top-hinged window resting on your back as you try to exit and also wondered about the feasibility of the exit itself.  I was of the opinion that if there was a fire, we would somehow just throw ourselves out, but that wasn't good enough for Ron.

Basically he added two things which make the process much easier.  He installed an air shock to hold up the window and a folding step to assist in the exiting.  You can see both in this picture.

Step 1 - Release window which flips up automatically with the air shock.

Here's a closeup of the step which he ordered online from a truck accessories site.
Since the RV did not have a support member where he needed to place the folding step, he installed a support plate both inside and outside the coach.  Then the mounting bolts could go all the way through the wall and plates.

Step 2 - Swing out right leg and kick down step.

Step 3 - Swing out other leg.

Step 4 - Drop to the ground.

Cool, huh?  He just submitted this idea to the Escapees magazine, so you might see it there.   Now, I guess I'll have to try it, but you won't be seeing any pictures of that!


  1. That's very innovative. He will have to patent that idea. It's always good to think about these things. It's now made me think about our van.

  2. That's a great idea. I too have disliked the huge drop to the ground, especially as we have a 5th wheel and I think it's even higher than your coach.

  3. As usual, another great idea from Ron's fertile mind. It is a wonder that manufacturers don't do things like this.

    I'm disappointed you didn't model this... ;c)

  4. We attended one of Mac McCoy's class on exiting at a Rally. We no longer have that type of window. Our's is a sliding window. We would throw a blanket on the sill. Feet first exit, hanging on to the sill then drop to the ground a few inches. I think Mac even has a video on how to do it. He used a wooden brace to hold the window open but Ron's would work great too even without the step.

  5. So acrobatic! Go Ron, go! :-)

  6. So acrobatic! Go Ron, go! :-)

  7. Simple but effective. We bought a ladder that we can throw out the window in an emergency. Need to try it out in the next little while.

  8. What a great Idea, I hope it gets in the magazine.

  9. What a great idea!! Fantastic Ron! :O