Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cisco, TX

Continuing our journey across the miles and miles of Texas, we rolled into Cisco today. Attempting to follow the directions in the Texas Travel Guide to the free camping area at the lake, we ended up at the city boat ramp. We talked to the locals who make good use of it and they said people do stay here, so here we are. We parked way over to the side and out of the way, got Ron a Texas fishing license and plan to stay a couple of days. We still don't know if we're really in the place described in the travel guide and the chamber of commerce is closed until Monday. Meanwhile it's a nice spot with a beautiful lake at our doorstep. What more could we want?

Here's Ron getting a line wet before the sun set on him.

Just like people, each little town has something unique and unusual. Cisco has the Mobley Hotel. Now a museum and visitors center, the Mobley was the first hotel owned by tycoon Conrad Hilton. Built in 1916 by H. L. Mobley, Hilton bought it in 1919. Then a 32 year old ex-legislator and banker from New Mexico, Hilton dreamed of owning hotels across Texas. In this case, reality certainly surpassed his dream.

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  1. Well, It looks like you guys are turning into tour guides for Texas.
    and doing a good job for them.
    Glad to see your having fun.