Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lake Benbrook

Yesterday (Monday) we arrived at Lake Benbrook which is southwest of Fort Worth. This is an Army Corps of Engineers project and they run four campgrounds on the lake. We picked the most primitive one - no hook-ups and although they have some actual sites, you can also pick your own spot right along the lake. I can't believe that in the eight years I've been on the road, I have never stayed in a Corps of Engineers park. They are just lovely. However the weather is not as nice with high winds and threatened thunder storms, so we picked a spot away from the edge of the lake.

As you can see, we can still see the water (and check out those clouds!)

You can even pick a spot out on this spit extending into the lake, however, once again, we thought that wasn't the best spot with high winds.

So what do you think, is this a road or a really long pull-thru?

We took them at their word as far as parking anywhere and parked on what we thought was a pull-thru site next to a picnic table. However after getting all set up, we looked at the map and decided this is actually a road! People can drive around the loop, but this is a shortcut. I can just see the ranger saying, "I didn't think I had to tell them not to park on a road!"

Fortunately, we're the only ones here, so they haven't said anything. We'll move if we have to.


  1. I would move under a tree if it's going to hail!

  2. We thought about the tree angle, but figured that might be worse if limbs come down. We had quite a boomer last night - didn't see any hail, but the drops must have been golf ball size! Very loud!

  3. Looks like a long pull through to me with the picnic shelter but it's not on your patio side.