Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fort Worth, TX

After two days of dreary weather and two nights that were scary at times, the storms have finally passed and we had a gorgeous day. So we went through the Texas travel guide (what would we do without it?) and each picked something. Ron picked the Bureau of Engraving and Printing - Western Currency Facility. In other words, where they print the money! Other than Washington, D.C., this is the only location that prints the paper money. It was really very interesting, but they didn't allow cameras so what good is it? :-) I would have been happy just to get a picture of the bus that drove us from the visitors center. It was painted to look like a $20 bill!

Anyway, I picked something very different. We drove into the stockyards section of old Fort Worth, which was very cute with old buildings converted into shops and restaurants.

But my main goal was to see the daily cattle drive of Texas Longhorns!

Unfortunately, we arrived just as they started, so we were taking pictures into the sun.

We tracked them down after the drive. I love how all their horns are different.

The Texas longhorn can thrive in country where no other breed can live.

We thought we might walk along the river walk for a bit, but we were wrong. After all the rain the last two nights, the Marine Creek was over its banks.


  1. WOW!! Look at those long horns. OUCH!!

  2. Those horns are really interesting. I thought they all grew the same, but some are a curly -Q!

  3. That bus did sound pretty cool. Too bad about the river.