Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kirby Landing

Tonight is our third and final night here at Kirby Landing campground on the north shore of Lake Greeson (in southwest Arkansas.) After a week in the area, the water is still higher than normal. Yesterday we took a walk over to the marina and saw a car that got caught in the rising water and is sitting there half submerged. We found out the water actually was at a normal to low level one day and overnight rose to the highest it's been since 1968! That must have been a surprise.

We have a lovely spot overlooking a picturesque cove.

In the picture you can see the campground host's boat. He's parked farther from the water and leaves it by us. I told Ron that I'm sure he wouldn't mind if we took it for a spin.

However, Ron decided to use his own boat and try some fishing. So far, no luck, but we've seen some big fish that people have caught.

Clever person that he is, Ron mounted a holder for his fishing pole on the kayak. Now he can even troll.

We've been able to birdwatch from our front seats. There are a pair of blue jays industriously building a nest who took exception to this hawk who came around.

Tomorrow we'll move about 30 miles east to DeGray Lake and join the WINs for kayaking Arkansas and southern Missouri.

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  1. I forget to mention - the picture of the hawk was taken through the window and look! no bug splats!